Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Air Conditioner Short Cycling In Your Window? Is It Near A Television?

Abbie Wade

High-quality air conditioners can keep a home safe when the heat rises and there isn't much else to do about the excessive temperature. However, some units may suffer from short cycling issues related to a very strange problem – the position of the air conditioner relative to a television. Fully understanding this problem – and how to avoid it – can help owners avoid paying too much for their air conditioner electrical bills.

The Television May Affect an Air Conditioner

When an air conditioner starts short cycling, it will turn on for very short periods, go off, and then turn back on again repeatedly throughout a day. This problem causes a home that is very poorly cooled and can also cause a person's electrical bill to skyrocket.

Unfortunately, the positioning of an air conditioner can trigger this problem when it is placed too close to a television. The heat from a television is often high enough that the unit may end up short cycling or suffering from other operational problems. Thankfully, this issue is typically quite easy to manage.

Tips for Placing an Air Conditioner

People worried about their television interfering with their air conditioner placement should keep several tips in mind before installing one in their home. The tips outlined below will make installing an air conditioner much easier and prevent the kind of agitation that occurs when trying to add one too close to a television:

  • Position the unit on the other side of the house from the television
  • Keep the air conditioner from lamps or lights, which can trigger temperature issues
  • Find a window that isn't in constant sun to avoid thermostat issue
  • Make sure the window is in a room with easy airflow
  • Avoid blocking the vents with any object to prevent the risk of quick cycling

In very small rooms, homeowners may not have much choice but to either place their air conditioner near a television or to put the unit in another room. Use a series of fans to move cool air through the house. This step will help to keep your home safely cool during the hottest part of the summer.

If you perform these simple tips and find that your air conditioner is still malfunctioning, you should talk to an AC system repair technician right away. These technicians will work hard to identify why your air conditioner keeps short cycling and try to find a location that minimizes this risk. They can also repair the unit if other problems are triggering the cycling issue.


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Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

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