Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

HVAC And The Ducts

Abbie Wade

When you have an HVAC system it is a good idea to have a basic amount of knowledge about the system. This way, you know how to maintain it, how to spot problems with it, how to avoid certain problems with it and when to turn to the professionals to deal with something that comes up with it. Here is some great info on the ducts for your HVAC system, which is an area of the system that is very important but also greatly overlooked and neglected by many homeowners:

Understand your HVAC system

  • Start by making sure you have a clear understanding of the HVAC system. This will help you to see the importance of keeping up with the entire system, including those ducts. You can think of the HVAC system as the homes respiratory system, as well as its heating and cooling system. The system will breath in the air from your home, run it through the filter to remove pollutants, run it through the system to be heated or cooled so it gets to the temperature set on the thermostat and then exhale the heated or cooled and cleaned air back out into the home through the registers.

Know the importance of a clean system

  • Once you understand how the air travels through the system and what happens to it, you'll have an easier time understanding why the filter and ducts must be cleaned as needed. While the ducts are designed to go much longer before they need cleaning, the filter needs to be checked regularly and more often if there are pets or smokers in the home, or even if you happen to live in a dustier region like the desert. You can clean or easily and inexpensively replace the filter on your own but will need professionals to take care of the duct cleaning. You can find out if your ducts need cleaning when you have your system professionally maintained annually.

Know the importance of a leak-free system

  • In order for your system to work correctly, the ducts need to be leak free. Otherwise, the air won't make it through them to be heated and/or cooled and the full amount of air won't make it back out through the registers into the rooms. The less air the system is able to rotate, the harder the system will have to work and the longer it will continue trying to achieve the temperature you want your home to be at. This puts stress on your system that can lead to major problems and it pulls a lot more energy from your power, increasing electric bills by quite a bit.

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Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

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