Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Shower Stopped Up? The Chemicals In Your Body Soap Might Be The Culprits

Abbie Wade

If your shower drain keeps clogging up and nothing you do solves the problem for very long, it might be the chemicals in your body soap. Although household chemicals are some of the most common causes of damaged plumbing pipes, the chemicals used to give body soaps and cleansers their distinct scents and cleansing abilities can also damage plumbing pipes. Eventually, the chemicals create a thick residue along the lining of the pipes, which keeps water from draining through them properly. You can unclog your shower drain on your own. In addition, using natural cleansers instead of regular bath soap can also prevent future clogs. Here's what you can do.

Buy Organic or Natural Body Cleansers

Most body soaps contain ingredients that are designed to foam up in water. Although the foam should wash down the drain and out into the city's sewer lines, some of the chemicals in the foam stick to the walls of your plumbing pipes. If you use your body soap every day, the problem becomes worse. 

One of the most talked about chemicals used in consumer products today is cocamide DEA. Cocamide DEA is a ingredient used to make numerous products foamy and luxurious once they interact with water. Though many companies stopped adding the chemical to their products because of it causes cancer, a number of manufacturers still do.

It's a good idea to avoid all products that have cocamide DEA in them. Instead, use organic or natural body cleansers made with lavender, coconut oil and aloe. These ingredients rinse off completely and won't clog up your shower drain. These ingredients don't leave behind a chemical residue, even if they foam up.

Unclog Your Shower Drain

Now that you know why your shower drain clogs up, it's time to fix it. You'll need a bottle of white, distilled vinegar and plunger to do the job. If you have standing water inside the shower, you should wear a pair of utility gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the water. Also, wear a face mask and goggles to keep any splashing water out of your nose, mouth and eyes.

  • Pour half of the white vinegar over the clogged shower drain.
  • Turn on your hot water and point the shower head down over the drain. Avoid placing your face close to the splashing water.
  • Turn off the water and wait 15 minutes. The acids in the vinegar will break through the clog.
  • Use your plunger to help suction up the clog and use the shower head to run hot water down the unclogged drain.

If this technique doesn't work, you may have a bigger problem to deal with. For more information, contact Warhold Mechanicals or a similar company.


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Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

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