Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

Three Common Air Conditioning Problems And How To Solve Them

Abbie Wade

In the heat of the summer, one of the worst problems you can face is an improperly working air conditioning unit. Below are three common problems and how you can solve them.

Problem #1: Your AC Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

There are a few possible reasons this could be occurring, but the quickest and simplest to fix is a clogged filter. A clogged filter can mean that the air is cold when it reaches the filter, but the dust and debris are not allowing it to pass. AC filters can be easily cleaned or replaced, depending on whether your system uses reusable filters or not.

If cleaning or changing the filter does not seem to have solved the issue, it could be an issue with the condenser coils or the refrigerant. Condenser coils need to be regularly cleaned, as they can easily become blocked. If you aren't comfortable taking apart your air conditioner, it's best to hire a professional HVAC contractor.

Problem #2: Your AC Unit Cycles Continuously

Units that cycle on a continual basis usually do so because they're too large for the area they're cooling. The large system is able to cool down the area to the designated temperature, but it does so too quickly – this results in a vicious cycle of on-again-off-again.

Other common problems include a frozen evaporator coil, or a refrigerant leak. Both of these problems can be fixed quickly when your AC is serviced by an HVAC service technician. The technician can locate the refrigerant leak or find the cause of the coil freeze, and have your AC back to properly cooling your home in no time.

Problem #3: Your Home Is Excessively Humid

Air conditioners have two main purposes: to cool and to remove moisture. If your AC system is too large, it may be cooling your home too quickly. This means your AC won't have enough time to remove the moisture in your home, leading to high levels of humidity. Other common problems include dirty air filters or frozen evaporator coils, as mentioned above.

In most cases, replacement of your AC system with a smaller one is required. An HVAC service technician will perform a load calculation to decide the size of the unit you need. This ensures your home will receive a system that is just the right size, saving you money and resulting in fewer AC problems.

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly by addressing the three common problems listed above. If you're experiencing any of these issues, but you don't feel comfortable opening up your unit to inspect, call in an HVAC service such as Allzone Air Conditioning & Heating Corp. A technician can troubleshoot the issue and offer the best solutions to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot, summer months. 


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Working as a Heating Professional Can Lead to Success

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